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After a long hiatus I’m back to drop gems from the crates, prepare for some new posts and hopefully some other goodies for sale – vek

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Vek’s Vault: Nike Air Sonic Flight “Bright Concord”

I just checked out the Complex feature on Jerry Seinfeld’s sneakers he wore on his show, put together by one of the few writers in this industry that really knows what he’s talking about, CT’s Gary Warnett. He painstakingly takes us throughout the entire series, documenting many obscure models and noticing others even in the briefest of screen time. I am of course an avid Nike fan and also a huge Seinfeld fan (I remarked on most of these shoes when first aired) so I absolutely loved the in depth list and would like to personally thank Mr. Warnett for going through the whole process.

One of the least typically “Seinfeld” style shoes (he loves his subtle conservative white/blue colorways) are actually the ones I think of most when I think of Jerry’s footwear, the bright concord Sonic Flights. I think it has to do with the epic nature of “The Pilot” two part episode. I have a pair of DS Air Sonic Flight bright concord and I can’t help but think of them as “Air Seinfelds”.

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Memory Lane Pt. 7: Nike Air Flight Lite High (1992)

Nike Air Flight Lite catalog pic via Sneaker Freaker Shoe Museum

A little while after I got the Nike Air Maestro Flight for my grade 8 basket ball season, I needed a secondary pair (my Maestros were delegated strictly for team practice and school games) for other outside activities. Of course my other pair would have to be cheap compared to the $130 Maestros, so once again mom comes through with some more skilled bargain hunting (yo, I learned from the best). Last time she came home with some clearance shoes it was a pair of wild style, crazy colorful Nike Boltoro’s (see Memory Lane 4 for more details) but this time she brought back a pair of Nike AIr Flight Lite High, the white/navy/red color. They were pretty damn ill, I thought the clear part on the out sole was really fresh (until it yellowed with heavy use that is). They were already a year or so old, and hit the clearance rack at Foot Locker. I liked them but since I was used to more light weight, mid-cut styles such as the Maestro and Huarache Flight, they felt bulky when trying to play ball in them (might have been a half size too big, can’t remember). I mainly used to sport them on some everyday type of shoe, an addition to my small rotation. In the summer I wore them with these thick red soccer socks, all slouched down, part of my grade 8 steelo hahaha. (I have a pic of me playing tennis in these shoes, I will unearth it and many others and post them in the future, they are too damn funny!)

Sidney Deane rocking the Nike Air FLight Lite High in the movie White Men Can't Jump

Another thing of note in regards to these shoes and the fact I got them a year or so after their initial release is that the movie White Men Can’t Jump came out that year (1992). In the film, Wesley Snipes’ character “Sidney Deane” rocks the Air Flight Lite High, and when I first watched it when it came out, that got me extra stoked on them and made them extra legit to me somehow hahaha. Anyways, I ended up loving those shoes even though initially I found them a bit bulky and outdated with the super high cut, I liked sporting them around and people used to geek on them. I eneded up losing them in a gym locker room after shooting some hoops, can’t remember if they were stolen or I just plain forgot them in a locker, either way they were gone!

crappy camphone pic of my OG flight lite lows

Fast-forward to the mid 2000’s when I first started feeling real nostalgic about my sneakers, and these were atop my list of must haves to repossess in my collection (along with the black/white Maestro Flight). This was before the reissues, so I was constantly looking for OG pairs. I almost scored a few pairs here and there but never had any luck until finally I managed to get some OG Flight Lite Lows in the white/purple colorway! I never thought Nike would bring these back, but they did (well not in this exact colorway but close enough) and I think they probably sold pretty well, returning during a time of increasing popularity towards the super high-tops in the past few years. I got a pair of the white/black/red Flight Lite High retro, but I think these days I prefer wearing the low version.

Anybody else remember having these back in the day? Did anybody cop the retros, and if so how do you think they compare to the originals? Y’all like White Men Can’t Jump?? Leave us some comments…

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NCAA Sneaker Madness

It’s that time of the year… March Madness is in effect and hot off Complex Magazine’s Top 25 NCAA Sneaker List and Nice Kicks Top 10 Fab 5 Sneakers (great lists by the way, many of which have been covered on my blog previously) I thought I would throw up some more pics of classic kicks from over the years… Enjoy! There will be more to come throughout the next few weeks. Leave us some comments and let us know what you like best, or if you got some pics we might have missed…

Tony Delk and UK in some Converse React, Camby and UMASS in some various Nike's circa 1996

The 1999 UCONN team was known for a wide assortment of NIke and Jordan heat

In 1983 Akeem and Houston rocked Adidas while Louisville had the Pro Keds in effect

Antawn Jamison in the OG Columbia Air Jordan 11

Mourning and the Hoyas wore some sick AIr Force 3 Highs and Duke still had a deal with Adidas until later on around the mid 90's

UK rocking the Converse and Ewing throwing down in the Hoyas' favorite sneaker, the Nike Legend which was the inspiration for their 1985 Nike Terminator

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Memory Lane Pt. 6: Nike Air Maestro Flight 1992

some dope early 90's Flights, including Dynamic, Air Bound, Solo and of course Maestro 1 (Pic via

During the summer of 1992 I developed an even greater passion for basketball, in fact I played out-doors all summer, listening to Leaders of the New School and A Tribe Called Quest on this ratty old boom box. I was balling heavy in my Huarache Flights, which have a very soft foam-like sole, needless to say I destroyed those joints (shoulda had some AIr Raids for the streeball steez). So back to school I go, and I decide to go out for my junior high basketball team and needed a new pair especially for that. Back to the Foot Locker I go, this time around I don’t really remember picking the shoes, or what else I had to choose from. I also can’t quite re-call if I had seen the Maestro worn by NBA or NCAA players yet, but I think I remember Golden State Warriors Rookie Latrell Sprewell may have worn them and since I was a die-hard Warriors fan (still am) I wanted them. No matter how I came up with the decision, I now had my very own pair of Nike Air Maestro 1, in black/white – these went so hard!

This shoe was by far one of my all-time favourite shoes to ball in, they were light, well cushioned and those straps that attach to the laces really felt like they added some stability for your ankles. They also hat a similar inner-sock liner like the Huarache’s (also well used that year on the Dynamic Flights) which made the fit exceptional. I also loved the look of them, black/white was the hottest colorway for b-ball shoes in that era maybe due to the trend that NBA teams like Chicago Bulls set, usually deferring from the white based sneakers during the regular season, to the black based shoes for the post season, when the stakes are at their highest. Soon the black based shoes became the “away” color during the season, with white shoes as the “home” color.

Many NBA players and NCAA squads wore these shoes, including Scottie Pippen, Dan Marjele, Jason Kidd & Cal U, Michigan’s Fab 5, and many others. There were several other colors I can remember not pictured here, but mainly simple team bank colors (ex. white/green accents) but I think those ones pictured were the only one’s available for retail, but I sort of remember a white/black/red one too, if anybody out there can verify please let me know. There is also a high cut version, and later the Air Maestro 2 (might have been a few more in the series as well).

my DS Air Maestro black/red (Scottie Pippen wore these as well as the black/white pair)

When I was first getting into actually collecting sneakers a few years ago, one of the first vintage sneakers I copped was a pair of the black/red Air Maestro in an attempt to recapture my youth. But they didn’t cut it, I wanted the black/white ones. Finally I found a beater pair from a dude in France and got them pretty cheap. I plan to rock them because they are still wearable. I remember throwing out my original pair in a trash can by a park bench, they were soaking wet and stank to high hell so I borrowed some kicks from a buddy and tossed my Maestros. Nike has retroed the Nike Air Maestro II, but never the original

my beater pair of Maestro's, exactly like my original pair

Anybody else had the Air Maestro?? If not, whhad do y’all think of them? Should Nike think of retroing these or are some models better left untouched? Let us know in the comments.

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Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

If you didn’t know before you know now…

peep more here:

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Vek’s Vault: 1999 Nike Air Max 95 Neon Retro vs. 2010 Nike Air Max 95 Neon Retro

Nike Air Max 95 "Neon" 1999 retro

For this edition of Vek’s Vault, we have another AIr Max 95 comparison, this time for the Neon 1999 retro and the 2010 retro that dropped last year. I had picked up the 2010 retro last summer down in Syracuse and patiently awaited the day I could get my hands on an older retro. Finally one day I had seen Gusto (great seller of classic and rare air max – peep the link at the top of my blog) post up a pair of 1997 retro in size 10, I had just missed out on them, but a few weeks later a DS size 11, 1999 retro popped up on his blog and I hollered at him right away! I couldn’t pass up that DS 1999 retro with the OG box! (Thanks again Gusto!)
Again there are many subtle differences across the board – the color of the gradient, the size of the air bubble, and the over-all shape of the retro seems kind of “skinnier” in comparison, like it went on slimfast over the past 10 years, yet the toe is wider. Another major difference is the 1999 retro was made in Vietnam while the 2010 retro was made in China. Peep the pics for further comparison, would love an OG pair of these bad boys!

Nike Air Max 95 "Neon" 1999 retro

1999 retro on left, 2010 retro on right - toe is a few shades lighter on the older retro

1999 retro on bottom, 2010 retro on top - tongue logo is flipped in reverse, insole is neon with black logo on older retro, white with neon logo on 2010 retro

1999 retro on right, 2010 retro on left - the 3m material is different, and notice the way fatter air bubble on the 1999 retro!

1999 retro on right, 2010 retro on left - 1999 has fatter air bubble and a bit darker gradient and neon swoosh *note the light makes the 2010 retro appear a bit lighter than it actually is

1999 retro on right, 2010 retro on left - another air bubble comparison

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