Memory Lane Pt. 8: Nike Air Sheer Force

In summer 1993 I was preparing to go to Rautin’s/House Basketball camp. I needed a new pair and wanted something I could wear to my grade 8 graduation. I remember when I got them I really wanted the Air Raid II’s, the black ones with the funky colorful afro-centric type of patterns on the back, but they were out of my mom’s set price range. I settled for an all black pair of Air Sheer Force (similar to the pic above except a blacked out swoosh). These shoes weren’t bad but for some reason the guy at Footlocker convinced my mom that I needed size 12’s!! My last shoes were size 10 or 11, and he said I would grow into them or something like that hahahaha (keep in mind I’m a grown now and wear 10-11 depending on the model of shoe). Needless to say I was tripping and slipping in those big ass shoes and it definitely effected my performance at camp. Peep this hilarious bonus pic of me wearing them off the court in 93, notice how crazy big they look and how ridiculously tight I had to tie them up!

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