Vek’s Vault: Nike Air Sonic Flight “Bright Concord”

I just checked out the Complex feature on Jerry Seinfeld’s sneakers he wore on his show, put together by one of the few writers in this industry that really knows what he’s talking about, CT’s Gary Warnett. He painstakingly takes us throughout the entire series, documenting many obscure models and noticing others even in the briefest of screen time. I am of course an avid Nike fan and also a huge Seinfeld fan (I remarked on most of these shoes when first aired) so I absolutely loved the in depth list and would like to personally thank Mr. Warnett for going through the whole process.

One of the least typically “Seinfeld” style shoes (he loves his subtle conservative white/blue colorways) are actually the ones I think of most when I think of Jerry’s footwear, the bright concord Sonic Flights. I think it has to do with the epic nature of “The Pilot” two part episode. I have a pair of DS Air Sonic Flight bright concord and I can’t help but think of them as “Air Seinfelds”.

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