NCAA Sneaker Madness

It’s that time of the year… March Madness is in effect and hot off Complex Magazine’s Top 25 NCAA Sneaker List and Nice Kicks Top 10 Fab 5 Sneakers (great lists by the way, many of which have been covered on my blog previously) I thought I would throw up some more pics of classic kicks from over the years… Enjoy! There will be more to come throughout the next few weeks. Leave us some comments and let us know what you like best, or if you got some pics we might have missed…

Tony Delk and UK in some Converse React, Camby and UMASS in some various Nike's circa 1996

The 1999 UCONN team was known for a wide assortment of NIke and Jordan heat

In 1983 Akeem and Houston rocked Adidas while Louisville had the Pro Keds in effect

Antawn Jamison in the OG Columbia Air Jordan 11

Mourning and the Hoyas wore some sick AIr Force 3 Highs and Duke still had a deal with Adidas until later on around the mid 90's

UK rocking the Converse and Ewing throwing down in the Hoyas' favorite sneaker, the Nike Legend which was the inspiration for their 1985 Nike Terminator

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