Memory Lane Pt. 6: Nike Air Maestro Flight 1992

some dope early 90's Flights, including Dynamic, Air Bound, Solo and of course Maestro 1 (Pic via

During the summer of 1992 I developed an even greater passion for basketball, in fact I played out-doors all summer, listening to Leaders of the New School and A Tribe Called Quest on this ratty old boom box. I was balling heavy in my Huarache Flights, which have a very soft foam-like sole, needless to say I destroyed those joints (shoulda had some AIr Raids for the streeball steez). So back to school I go, and I decide to go out for my junior high basketball team and needed a new pair especially for that. Back to the Foot Locker I go, this time around I don’t really remember picking the shoes, or what else I had to choose from. I also can’t quite re-call if I had seen the Maestro worn by NBA or NCAA players yet, but I think I remember Golden State Warriors Rookie Latrell Sprewell may have worn them and since I was a die-hard Warriors fan (still am) I wanted them. No matter how I came up with the decision, I now had my very own pair of Nike Air Maestro 1, in black/white – these went so hard!

This shoe was by far one of my all-time favourite shoes to ball in, they were light, well cushioned and those straps that attach to the laces really felt like they added some stability for your ankles. They also hat a similar inner-sock liner like the Huarache’s (also well used that year on the Dynamic Flights) which made the fit exceptional. I also loved the look of them, black/white was the hottest colorway for b-ball shoes in that era maybe due to the trend that NBA teams like Chicago Bulls set, usually deferring from the white based sneakers during the regular season, to the black based shoes for the post season, when the stakes are at their highest. Soon the black based shoes became the “away” color during the season, with white shoes as the “home” color.

Many NBA players and NCAA squads wore these shoes, including Scottie Pippen, Dan Marjele, Jason Kidd & Cal U, Michigan’s Fab 5, and many others. There were several other colors I can remember not pictured here, but mainly simple team bank colors (ex. white/green accents) but I think those ones pictured were the only one’s available for retail, but I sort of remember a white/black/red one too, if anybody out there can verify please let me know. There is also a high cut version, and later the Air Maestro 2 (might have been a few more in the series as well).

my DS Air Maestro black/red (Scottie Pippen wore these as well as the black/white pair)

When I was first getting into actually collecting sneakers a few years ago, one of the first vintage sneakers I copped was a pair of the black/red Air Maestro in an attempt to recapture my youth. But they didn’t cut it, I wanted the black/white ones. Finally I found a beater pair from a dude in France and got them pretty cheap. I plan to rock them because they are still wearable. I remember throwing out my original pair in a trash can by a park bench, they were soaking wet and stank to high hell so I borrowed some kicks from a buddy and tossed my Maestros. Nike has retroed the Nike Air Maestro II, but never the original

my beater pair of Maestro's, exactly like my original pair

Anybody else had the Air Maestro?? If not, whhad do y’all think of them? Should Nike think of retroing these or are some models better left untouched? Let us know in the comments.

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28 Responses to Memory Lane Pt. 6: Nike Air Maestro Flight 1992

  1. Justin says:

    Dude, I’m totally with you. These were my favorite of all time and you can’t get them anywhere. Hell yes they should retro these. These and the Air flite lite lows are my fav all time bball shoes. Very comfortable and they stick to the floor. Like you said, the inner sock liner that was transplanted from the huarache really gave these things a great feel. I had the black/whites and I’m jealous even though you have a beater pair. I got the Air Maestro II’s after these and they were ok, but still clunky after the snug fit these gave. If anyone finds these retro’d, please reply to this page. Thanks vektrx, you made my day.

    • vektrx says:

      Hey Justin,

      Thanks for your comments, I do these posts to reflect on some of the reasons I’m into sneakers to this day and it’s so cool that some people out there can relate to these stories as well. I have to agree that these were way better than the Maestro II, and hopefully there will be enough buzz around the Maestro for a retro (just don’t butcher it Nike!). Funny you mention the Air Flight Lite – that’s my next post except I had the highs and found them too clunky haha Years ago I never thought Air Flight Lite would return as a retro so I guess anything can happen!

  2. Hyalite says:

    These absolutely deserve to be retroed! I’m really surprised Nike hasn’t done it yet, far superior to the Air Maestro IIs. These are one of the most iconic shoes of the early ’90s. When I see them I can’t help but think of Pippen and the Fab 5 back in ’92-93.

    • vektrx says:

      I totally agree with you, I think they probably decided to bring back the Maestro II because of Pippen’s red All-Star colorway. These deserve a proper retro, and you can add Jason Kidd and Latrell Sprewell to the list of players I can remember sporting these!

  3. Adam says:

    Seriously, would do anything to have a pair of the white n black or white, purple n yellow ones… just last night I got my hands on a black n white pair, in better condition that the black pair above too. however I’m size 11US and they are 10US… any pairs out there for sale??

  4. manrico says:

    Hi guys, I’m writing from Italy…I had the black and red one year and the white blue and black the following year…I was searching for the retro…how I’d like tNike to produce it…

    What about writing to them outthere in the US?


    • vektrx says:

      Ya man, my post on the Maestro has gotten a lot of attention. I think a lot of people out there would love a retro edition. A few years ago they retroed the Air Maestro II but I would also love to see the first Maestro return. Hopefully Nike will pay attention to the demand like they did with the Air Tech Challenge, Air Flight Lites and the recent return of the Air Flow and Air Trainer SC II. One thing’s for sure, hopefully they don’t butcher them if they do decide to make a retro.

  5. Aaron says:

    They should totally retro the original Maestro. Nike would make a KILLING off sales from these things. It would be incredible. I hope they listen to all of us out here who want a pair of these.

  6. Adam says:

    No disrespect to anyone but the maestro II has nothing on the originals!!!! Still on the hunt for any pair apart from black n white as I got those already…. in size us10’s or us11’s… I don’t care, I’ll fit my foot in it anyway I can….. Saw white, red n black on eBay but size 16.. Any other site like so that sells kicks of this status??? I’m writing from New Zealand and will pay for all shipping costs…

  7. staka says:

    had black/red and loved every detail, light and everything…and bought them back in a day in Warsaw/Poland where I live…those were sold internationally I guess but at that time there were few shops with lets say high end expensive shoes – 90s were times when Poland just started to catch up with once bought u had chance to have the only ones at school or even town…made me for sure more than special…it was wierd times – each of my friend players had its own almost custom made could see what player or team someone is up to..and even could see someone’s character by brand was having……were young and took everything too personal and too seriously…now makes me laugh and “astonished” by great brand positioning and whole marketing stuff those giant corporations are stuffing generations years by years…still love their effects

    • vektrx says:

      Thanks for commenting, this post has gotten the most reaction of any other post on this blog. I’m glad to share these stories with different people all over the world. This model has a definite cult following and hopefully Nike will take notice and make a proper re-issue! You are right about how things were different back in the 90’s, but it’s the same with music as well, everything has to move and evolve, it’s just too bad that today it’s all about overexposure and trying to hard to create a bunch of fabricated hype.

  8. Limasenar says:

    I had a pair of the white/black back in ’93, and still think they’re one of the most comfortable court sneaks ever invented by Nike. Also have a ’92 Olympic Flight Mid that Pippen wore in Barcelona, but it’s nothing compared to the Maestro I. Definitely Nike should do a retro on this model.

    • vektrx says:

      Thanks for dropping a comment, the meastro flight post is still getting love and I can totally dig that! It just proves the cult following of fans for this model definitely is out there, so Nike please bring these back for all of us og maestro heads!!!

  9. Armando says:

    Best sneakers I’ve ever played in. Lightweight (at the time), suberb fit due to the inner sock, great traction, excellent cushioning. I always contiued buying some variant of Nike Flights but none were as good as these. Not even close. I had the white/black ones (always preferred white based shoes). I’d def get them if Nike decided to bring them back.

    • vektrx says:

      I totally agree with you Armando, to this day it’s one of the best sneakers I played in as well, I too kept with the flight series but the only other ones that came close were the Dynamic Flights and maybe the Air Prevail or the first Huarache Flights. I was a fan of the 1993 Force lows, a lot heavier but that cross strap was great for locking your foot down!

  10. i was 13 when i had my first pair back in 92 for $85. it was the best non jordan, shaq, or barkley pair you can get at that time. i really loved it. it was the first shoes i fell in love and i learned the game of basketball in these. good times. thx for sharing.

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  12. Kekoa says:

    in the summer of 1994 i got the black and white lows with the green ” flight ” on the tongue on sale for like 50 bucks( can u believe that?), wore them into the ground and would literally kill to get another pair!! anyone else out there rock these?

    • vektrx says:

      Thanks for the comment kekoa, I haven’t posted much on the blog in the past year or so but this post still gets many responses, thank you to everyone who takes the time to comment and share their personal stories, that’s exactly why I made these posts!

  13. Heath says:

    I love these shoes as well. They were light and like my other favorites, the huarache. I would like to see them come back, I would buy another pair.

  14. Bruno says:

    These kicks absolutely need to be a retro by Nike. They would definitely sell. They were my favorites along with the Nike Air Max (Fab 5). I was able to find a pair of the original Maestros on ebay a couple of years ago but as usual they soles fall apart after years.

    • vektrx says:

      Thanks for the comments, I too loved the Air Force max, I think they will eventually bring back the maestro, if they did the maestro 2 then why not bring back the first version!

  15. Huarache Lover says:

    Love your article on the Maestro I. I brought a beat up pair of black & white Maestro I on Ebay a few years ago. Also had a pair back in high school. Nike needs to retro these and alsoh the Nike Dynamic Flight, Nike Air Unlimited, Nike Air Swift, Nike Air Solo Flight (1992 version & 1993 version), Air Flight Huarache, Nike Air Flight Lite I & II Mid, Nike Air Prevail.

    • vektrx says:

      Thanks so much for commenting, I wrote this article years ago and people are still commenting to bring back the maestro, I love it! Great list of early 90s b-ball models, would love to see some of those come back!

  16. I was balling heavy in my Huarache Flights, which have a very soft foam-like sole, needless to say I destroyed those joints (shoulda had some …

  17. Jay Nava says:

    I had some limited editions that wear a cream or off white and purple but I can’t find th anywhere online. Not to buy necessarily to buy them just to see them again.

  18. Brighter Days says:

    Man, just happened to come up on your article on the Flight Maestro. I was seeing if Nike had retroed them. Unfortunately, no, to my disappointment. I had both the red/black and the black/white. Actually copped em in ’94 in high school, so they had come down a bit in price. The black and white color way was one I liked, but a Brotha loved his red and blacks though. I’m borderline emo now, just thinking about it. I’ve had many Nikes, including Jordans in my life but those were my fav. kicks of all time! Used to rock em with my red Girbauds, now I know I’m taking you back, anyway the story ends badly as my sister’s cat peed all over them, and they were ruined. Still sick about it. Anyway thanks for the nostalgia sec!

    • vektrx says:

      Thanks so much for your comments, I love to hear from people and their memories about this model, Nike has to bring these back! So many people know these were one of the best ball shoes ever! If they retroed the maestro 2 then there’s hope for the og maestro as well. I think I’m going to do a YouTube post about the maestros, I will post the link on this article once it’s done.

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