Memory Lane Pt. 5: Nike Air Huarache Flight 1992

OG Nike Air Flight Huarache "Volt Purple" 1992, pic via Nice Kicks

The year was 1992, Pharcyde was on a “Bizarre Ride”, Black Sheep let us know “The Choice is Yours” and Public Enemy had reminded us all that we “Cant Turss It”. Meanwhile back on the sneaker scene, all of the brands (lead by Nike of course) were getting a little more technical with it. There were a lot of bulky clunky models around this time, but Nike wanted to stream line a bit and make some lighter shoes. What did they come up with? The Nike Huarache series, designed by Tinker Hatfield, who set out to make a light-weight, form-fitting, comfortable performance shoe based off an idea he came up with while water skiing. Tinker was really digging how the water ski’s neoprene booties felt around his foot, thus sparking the idea which would not only be used on the initial Huarache series (Huarache runner, Huarache Trainer, Huarache Flight, Air Mowabb, Air Revaderchi, etc.), but on countless other performance models for many years to come.

In April 1992, for my 13th birthday present, my grandfather took me to Foot Locker at Bayshore Shopping Centre and I was given “carte blanche” and told I could pick any pair I wanted!!! I remember at that time, the AJ 7 was hot but I didn’t want to go with a Jordan, that was way too easy! I needed a pair not many other people would have, something expensive of course, but more obscure than a “no-brainer” like a pair of Jordans. I think I was down to 2 options, the Nike Air Force 180 (I love the Air 180 air bubble, it was so sick back then) and an even crazier looking shoe that I had just seen in the “Instant Karma” ad on TV, the OG Nike Air Flight Huarache… Even before I had seen the Fab 5 rock them (they wouldn’t wear those until that fall) I just knew I had to have them, so that is what I chose out of the whole store. The price was $160, and although I don’t have the kicks anymore, I held on to the box ever since then, mainly because it was such a cool looking, special box compared to the regular ones.

my OG 1992 box top

my og 1992 box label - sz 10 $159.99 back in 1992 was crazy expensive!

Today I still have not acquired another pair, although I do have the “Sagan Blue” retro from like 2003 or so, still not as dope as the colorway I had as a kid. I remember loving those shoes, I was just getting into basketball and I loved to play in them. The only problem was I played a lot outdoors on the cement, and anyone that knows these shoes knows how soft and spongy the soloes are. Needless to say they got thrashed!! Those were the first shoes i owned that had me scared for my safety – apparently some older high school kids were planning to jack me for them, but had a change of heart because a mutual friend told them not to. Later on I was really hyped to see Michigan’s infamous Fab 5 blowing up the spot rocking the Huarache Flights, and later the Air Force Max in the Tournament (which I wanted SOOOO BADDDDD).

my nike air huarache sagan blue retro 2003

Jalen Rose shooting the floater in the Nike Air Flight Huarache

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4 Responses to Memory Lane Pt. 5: Nike Air Huarache Flight 1992

  1. Huarache Lover says:

    Probably the most underrated basketball shoe ever…Nike needs to retro these bad boys again.

    • vektrx says:

      One of my all time favourites, I got the recent retro with a free sole but I’m not feeling them at all, the phylon midsole and outsole is what made these dope!

  2. Geezy says:

    Not true the Fan 5 wore them that March I know they were my easter sneaker wit the Michigan hat and T Shirt under demon

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