For Sale: vintage OG 1990 Nike Air Flight Lite Low sz 8.5 us (4437 wh/pur prp-blk)

For Sale: vintage OG 1990 Nike Air Flight Lite Low sz 8.5 us (4437 wh/pur prp-blk)

For Sale: vintage OG 1990 Nike Air Flight Lite Low sz 8.5 us (4437 wh/pur prp-blk)
Price $130 shipped (within North America, international please contact me)
Condition: vintage deadstock, slight yellowing and glue mark discolouration
Although I believe these can be wearable, there are no guarantees on vintage shoes, rock at your own risk!
Contact me: (more photos available)

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Converse Accelerator III sz 10 13528 GRY/BLK/WHT/BLU

Converse Accelerator III sz 10 13528 GRY/BLK/WHT/BLU

For sale, size 10 us Price: $160 shipped
Condition: vintage deadstock circa 1993-94
(Slight yellowing and dryness on outsoles)
Vintage kicks are not recommended for wear, rock at your own risk

Email me inquiries (more pics available):

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House of PainT jam is tomorrow, Saturday, August 6

House of PainT jam is on once again, and it just gets bigger and better every year. Come check it out under the bridge by Brewer Park (across from Carleton U). There will be mad graffiti, b-boy/b-girls, dope music, food and vendors selling a bunch of stuff! Also there will be a compilation of 613 MC’s available, including a track of mine that will be the first single off my upcoming album: vektrx – “Devil Music”.

for more info on the jam click here:

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Flight Distance – “Bad Information” now available!!

My good homies FLIGHT DISTANCE (Bender, Patience and Calkuta) have just dropped their highly anticipated new album “Bad Information”! Produced entirely by my former bandmate from Lamebrainz, Crack Moses, this is an O-town classic right here! If you’re in Ottawa, pick up a copy of “Bad Information” at Reap&Sew, NORML or Vertigo records. If you are out of town, they are now accepting pre-orders of Bad Information, digital copies delivered to your inbox on Saturday, CDs ship out Tuesday, so hit them up here: http://flightdistance.bandcamp‚Äč.com/album/bad-information

also here’s a sample off the album…

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Nrml x Nike x 123Klan 15th Anniversary Release Party

Last Saturday I was able to make it out to the Nrml x Nike X 123Klan release party event, commemorating Nrml on it’s 15th Anniversary (thats a long time in the game now… respect). They did a Dunk high and an Air Max 90, 16 pairs of each, some of which were given away through draws and contests during the event. I didn’t score any shoes, but I got enough free food and booze to keep me satisfied and it was good to see a lot of good people out that night. Here are some dope pics of the event, courtesy of Seku Kaba… peep some of the heat.

had to break out my '85 og Aj 1 for the special occasion

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Back in the Days Sneaker Sightings: The Kids in the Hall – Bobby vs. Satan

Bobby's Nike Air Span

Last week I was totally obsessed with watching the full series of The Kids in the Hall. I loved this series growing up, and I feel it inspired a lot of other strange and weirdo comedy that we get to enjoy today. It was also from the era that I really got into Nike sneakers, and I noticed a few glimpses of Nikes while I re-watched the series, the most noticeable is the sketch Bobby vs Satan (Bruce McCulloch as Bobby and Mark McKinney as Satan). Check out Bobby’s Nike Air Span, all beat up and grimey like any true rocker/banger would wear them. Also, enjoy the clip below, one of my favorite sketches off the show. I wonder if Jack Black got some ideas from this… hmmmm.

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Memory Lane Pt. 8: Nike Air Sheer Force

In summer 1993 I was preparing to go to Rautin’s/House Basketball camp. I needed a new pair and wanted something I could wear to my grade 8 graduation. I remember when I got them I really wanted the Air Raid II’s, the black ones with the funky colorful afro-centric type of patterns on the back, but they were out of my mom’s set price range. I settled for an all black pair of Air Sheer Force (similar to the pic above except a blacked out swoosh). These shoes weren’t bad but for some reason the guy at Footlocker convinced my mom that I needed size 12’s!! My last shoes were size 10 or 11, and he said I would grow into them or something like that hahahaha (keep in mind I’m a grown now and wear 10-11 depending on the model of shoe). Needless to say I was tripping and slipping in those big ass shoes and it definitely effected my performance at camp. Peep this hilarious bonus pic of me wearing them off the court in 93, notice how crazy big they look and how ridiculously tight I had to tie them up!

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Back in effect kid…

After a long hiatus I’m back to drop gems from the crates, prepare for some new posts and hopefully some other goodies for sale – vek

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Vek’s Vault: Nike Air Sonic Flight “Bright Concord”

I just checked out the Complex feature on Jerry Seinfeld’s sneakers he wore on his show, put together by one of the few writers in this industry that really knows what he’s talking about, CT’s Gary Warnett. He painstakingly takes us throughout the entire series, documenting many obscure models and noticing others even in the briefest of screen time. I am of course an avid Nike fan and also a huge Seinfeld fan (I remarked on most of these shoes when first aired) so I absolutely loved the in depth list and would like to personally thank Mr. Warnett for going through the whole process.

One of the least typically “Seinfeld” style shoes (he loves his subtle conservative white/blue colorways) are actually the ones I think of most when I think of Jerry’s footwear, the bright concord Sonic Flights. I think it has to do with the epic nature of “The Pilot” two part episode. I have a pair of DS Air Sonic Flight bright concord and I can’t help but think of them as “Air Seinfelds”.

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Memory Lane Pt. 7: Nike Air Flight Lite High (1992)

Nike Air Flight Lite catalog pic via Sneaker Freaker Shoe Museum

A little while after I got the Nike Air Maestro Flight for my grade 8 basket ball season, I needed a secondary pair (my Maestros were delegated strictly for team practice and school games) for other outside activities. Of course my other pair would have to be cheap compared to the $130 Maestros, so once again mom comes through with some more skilled bargain hunting (yo, I learned from the best). Last time she came home with some clearance shoes it was a pair of wild style, crazy colorful Nike Boltoro’s (see Memory Lane 4 for more details) but this time she brought back a pair of Nike AIr Flight Lite High, the white/navy/red color. They were pretty damn ill, I thought the clear part on the out sole was really fresh (until it yellowed with heavy use that is). They were already a year or so old, and hit the clearance rack at Foot Locker. I liked them but since I was used to more light weight, mid-cut styles such as the Maestro and Huarache Flight, they felt bulky when trying to play ball in them (might have been a half size too big, can’t remember). I mainly used to sport them on some everyday type of shoe, an addition to my small rotation. In the summer I wore them with these thick red soccer socks, all slouched down, part of my grade 8 steelo hahaha. (I have a pic of me playing tennis in these shoes, I will unearth it and many others and post them in the future, they are too damn funny!)

Sidney Deane rocking the Nike Air FLight Lite High in the movie White Men Can't Jump

Another thing of note in regards to these shoes and the fact I got them a year or so after their initial release is that the movie White Men Can’t Jump came out that year (1992). In the film, Wesley Snipes’ character “Sidney Deane” rocks the Air Flight Lite High, and when I first watched it when it came out, that got me extra stoked on them and made them extra legit to me somehow hahaha. Anyways, I ended up loving those shoes even though initially I found them a bit bulky and outdated with the super high cut, I liked sporting them around and people used to geek on them. I eneded up losing them in a gym locker room after shooting some hoops, can’t remember if they were stolen or I just plain forgot them in a locker, either way they were gone!

crappy camphone pic of my OG flight lite lows

Fast-forward to the mid 2000’s when I first started feeling real nostalgic about my sneakers, and these were atop my list of must haves to repossess in my collection (along with the black/white Maestro Flight). This was before the reissues, so I was constantly looking for OG pairs. I almost scored a few pairs here and there but never had any luck until finally I managed to get some OG Flight Lite Lows in the white/purple colorway! I never thought Nike would bring these back, but they did (well not in this exact colorway but close enough) and I think they probably sold pretty well, returning during a time of increasing popularity towards the super high-tops in the past few years. I got a pair of the white/black/red Flight Lite High retro, but I think these days I prefer wearing the low version.

Anybody else remember having these back in the day? Did anybody cop the retros, and if so how do you think they compare to the originals? Y’all like White Men Can’t Jump?? Leave us some comments…

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